About Us

Guiding principles


As a privately controlled and managed company, we think and act independently.

Partnership & alignment of interests

We are dedicated to our customers’ needs and see ourselves as their partner. Our interests are aligned, and we are open as well as transparent concerning all processes.

Long-term focus

As a company as well as in terms of our investment philosophy.


We are a specialized asset manager with a focus on publicly listed securities. We operate one investment philosophy and strategy. Both are implemented across all clients.

Passion ans respect for the markets

Dealing with macroeconomic, fundamental, and the psychological aspects of investing is our daily business. However, investment decisions in an uncertain world can also lead to suboptimal portfolio decisions. It is always important to maintain humility for the market, to be eager to learn and to actively adjust as the circumstances require. This is a continuous, gradual, and sometimes difficult learning process that plays a central role in our daily activiy.

Quality standards and competitive thinking

We are very demanding about the quality of our services and the results achieved for our customers. We are competitive and enjoy being compared with our peers.

Technology and efficient infrastructure

Efficient structures and processes are the basis of our operating business. We are technology-driven and continuously optimize our process flows, whether in connection with trading systems, reporting IT infrastructure or web-based communication platforms.