Investment philosophy

Principles & Investment process

We follow a globally oriented, flexible, undogmatic and theme-based top down investment approach with a focus on risk-adjusted returns. We prioritize risk management in portfolio construction and management and focus on active asset allocation management. Our experience has shown that a small number of asset allocation decisions per year, made as accuratelty as possible, are the biggest drivers of performance.

After determining the top-down investment themes and weightings, we populate the portfolios bottom-up with individual equities and ETFs based on quantitative and qualitative factors. 

We focus on the interpretation of current market indicators and their direct influence on security prices since the accuracy of forecasting models in the financial and capital markets is extremely low.

In doing so, we analyse valuation data and categorie tem into two man areas:

  • Fundamental Indicators «How Markets Should Be Acting»
  • Behavioral & Technical Indicators «How Markets Are Acting»

We incorporate sustainability aspects into our investment and decision-making process and do not finance unethical companies. 

We believe that ecologically and socially sustainable companies are also financially more successful in the long term, which opens attractive opportunities from an investment and risk management perspective.